The Artist’s Magazine, January/February 2012

From “T. Allen Lawson: Nuances of White in Oil” in The Artist’s Magazine

[Excerpt]  “Though my work is representational, I always think in abstract terms when I’m designing a composition — not only to find a balance between the dark and light values, but also to find a balance of color temperatures. Though the snow may appear white, it’s rarely, if ever, a pure or absolute white. There are always subtle differences between the colors. Flake white is warmer than zinc white, and titanium white is slightly cooler than zinc white. And because of snow’s reflectivity, white has even more nuances: cool white, gray white, warm white, blue white, and so on. The infinite subtleties of snow are what make it so appealing to paint. Those same subtleties are what make it difficult to paint convincingly.”


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